How Sample Cover Letters Should Look

Published: 08th April 2009
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A sample cover letter is something that you can use as a guide in order to write an effective letter when applying for employment. Having a sample cover letter can be beneficial, especially for those who have never written a cover letter before. Sample cover letters are used to how letters for different categories of employment.

The letters can be specific to whatever you are applying for. Make sure to include your experience and skills that are relevant to the position. Having a cover letter is about the best way that you can make a good first impression to a prospective employer. Before you start, look at different samples and review them. Choose a sample that would best relate to that job position that you're seeking.

Here are some sample cover letters that you can model:

This is a general sample cover letter:

First and Last Name


City, State and Zip Code

Phone number (use cell phone as an alternate)

Email address


Contact Name (Use Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., )




City, State and Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs:

I am writing in reply to the online ad looking to fill the position of Executive Assistant for the Benefits Department of your company.

I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I also have over ten years of clerical and administrative assistant experience. My skills include organizing, typing, filing and being able to communicate with others.

During the past ten years of administrative assistant experience, I have been able to expand my skills to include creating packets for large meetings and coordinating arrangements for meetings with over 100 real estate brokers and related personnel.

I believe that my background qualifies me for the position of Executive Assistant in the Legislative Department. I look forward to setting up a time to discuss how my experience can be a valuable asset to your company.


Jane Doe's signature

Jane Doe

The above letter is a sample of a basic general cover letter that people use to contact prospective employers.

There are some employers that require potential applicants to sign up on line. This cuts down on a lot of foot traffic in their human resource offices. Being able to send your resume and cover letter via e-mail is also an efficient and cost effective way for a prospective employer to get information from your regarding a position.

Here is a sample cover letter that you would send via email. These type of sample letters should be brief and to the point.

Subject Line: Executive Assistant Position

With the salutation, see if you can get a person's name to address it to. If you can't then use whatever the company requests.

Email Message:

Dear Mr. Ms._________________,

I am interested in your job position as an Executive Assistant.

I was an Executive Assistant for Ford Real Estate Company where I was responsible for coordinating large meetings, creating the monthly newsletter and tending to the tenants in our building.

I also wrote articles for our monthly newsletter. The articles are available for you to peruse at:

Place URL here-if you have more than one, list them one under the other.

I have also included some additional samples of my work. If you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

(Your Name) Michelle Doe


Email address


Home phone

Cell phone

When you send the e-mail attachment, make sure to do it as the employer asks. Even something as simple as this can be screwed up by not following directions.

Sample cover letters are great guides to use for your employment searches.

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